2023.Q4 預購商品



The famous Moai statue has been very popular, almost everywhere you can see it’s been re-designed to tissue holder, home deco, key chain or garden ornament.

For our 4th quarter, the pre-order item will be Moai+Airpods statue, the concept actually comes from a Lego Ninja who is always by my side when I work on designs. My nephew gave me the Lego Ninja many years ago and shared his love of Lego with me, he told me the Ninja will protect me, and yes, the cut little Ninja looks at me with two swords crossed over his back when I sit in front of computer. But now the Lego-loving little boy who used to love playing Lego with me, has since changed his passion to something else like basketball, video games and music.

The Moai-Airpods statue is still a great item for self-use or a holiday gift. A final product will be made by metal, brass and height will be about 30mm, heavy enough to be a statue and extra function to carry a pair of airpods.